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It's a wall hung piece, very detailed and colorful byzantine style icon. The icon image is high quality print byzantine style (glossy paper). The icon is made with true iconography colors and it is a copy of a Byzantine icon.



9x6.5cm / 3.5x2.5in 

20x15cm / 7.9x6in

20x27cm / 7.9x10.6in

28x38 cm / 11x15 in


Icons Layer:

High quality print reproduction.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. 

Panagia the Arvanitissa

  • Every icon is crafted after your order and the preparation procedure takes about 4-20 business days.. Items will be shipped by registered mail. We shipping worldwide. Shipping time: 10-40 days. Custom fees, VAX, Tax or any delay with the country regulation would be the buyer responsibility.

  • The original icon of Panagia Arvanitissa is located on the island of Chios, in the village of Karyes, where the church of the same name is also located. The history of the icon and the church is said to begin during the reign of the Byzantine emperor Constantine IX of Monomachos (1042 – 1054 AD), when famous Epirotian masons, masters of stone masonry, moved to the area in order to build Nea Monastery of Chios. The descendants of those Epirotian craftsmen engaged in pastoral life for a living and settled in the "Kochlia" area where the villages of Karyes, Avgonima, Anavato and Dafnona are located. According to tradition, the shepherds, who lived in what is now known as "Panagia Arvanitissa", saw a lithe girl in an Arvanite costume roaming the peaks.

    In 1905 AD the icon of the Virgin Mary was found by the inhabitants and a church was built in this place with the financial help of the merchant Alexandros Konstantinidis. According to the testimonies of the elders of the place, because the Turks forbade the construction of Christian churches, the church was built secretly with the help of the shepherds of Karousi and the other villagers, after a great struggle, unimaginable suffering and mainly night work.

    The worship of Panagia Arvanitissa spread from Chios, while today there is another chapel of hers in the Arvanit village of Mandres in Kilkis. The icon of Panagia Arvanitissa is also celebrated in Melissochori of Thebes and from this year (2020) and in Kyriaki of Boeotia. It is important to mention that the Union of Liosiots of Ilion painted a copy of the icon in 2015 and solemnly celebrates the Virgin Mary every year since then. Her feast day is movable and Her Grace is celebrated 63 days after Holy Easter each year.

    Konstantinos Tsopanis

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