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It's a wall hung piece, very detailed and colorful byzantine style icon. The icon image is high quality print byzantine style (glossy paper). The icon is made with true iconography colors and it is a copy of a Byzantine icon.



9x6.5cm / 3.5x2.5in

20x15cm / 7.9x6in

20x27cm / 7.9x10.6in

28x38 cm / 11x15in


Icons Layer:


High quality print reproduction.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. 



Saint Anastasia was from Rome, and lived in the time of Decius and Valerian. When her wealthy parents died, she divided her fortune and gave it to the poor, leaving then to go live in a monastery. When the magistrate Provos arrested her, he reminded Anastasia of her flowery youth, for which reason she ought to deny Christ. Anastasia’s insistent refusal angered Provos; he whipped her face and spread her over hot coals. After a series of horrific tortures, he finally beheaded her. She is commemorated on 29 October. This original icon was painted on Mt. Athos, by the monks of the Holy Koutloumousian Cell of Saint John the Theologian.

Saint Anastasia of Rome

  • Every icon is crafted after your order and the preparation procedure takes about 4-20 business days.. Items will be shipped by registered mail. We shipping worldwide. Shipping time: 10-40 days. Custom fees, VAX, Tax or any delay with the country regulation would be the buyer responsibility.

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