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It's a wall hung piece, very detailed and colorful byzantine style icon. The icon image is high quality print byzantine style (glossy paper). The icon is made with true iconography colors and it is a copy of a Byzantine icon.



9x6.5 cm / 3.5x2.5 in 

20x15 cm / 7.9x6 in

20x27 cm / 7.9x10.6 in

28x38 cm / 11x15 in


Icons Layer:

High quality print reproduction.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. 

Saint Antipas Bishop of Pergamon

  • Every icon is crafted after your order and the preparation procedure takes about 4-20 business days. Items will be shipped by registered mail. We shipping worldwide. Shipping time: 10-40 days. Custom fees, VAX, Tax or any delay with the country regulation would be the buyer responsibility.

  • The Holy Hieromartyr Antipas lived during the time of the emperor Diomitian (81 - 96 AD). He was a contemporary of the Holy Apostles, who ordained him Bishop of the Church of Pergamon, when the Theologian and Evangelist John was in exile on Patmos. In Revelation Saint Antipas is called by the Apostle John a faithful priest and martyr (Revelation John, b '13).

    As high priest of the Church of Pergamon, he shepherded his sensible flock with all piety and virtue. Being Bishop of Pergamon and while he was very old, he was arrested by the pagans, when the demons appeared to them and told them that they could not live in that place because of Antipas. That is why he was led to the ruler and was forced to deny Christ and sacrifice to idols. He (the ruler) made every effort to persuade the Saint to deny Christ, telling him that the older ones are more valuable, while the newer ones have no value. In other words, he told him that the religion of the Gentiles, paganism, is old, has grown through the centuries and has many followers, which is why it is so much more important than the Christian faith, which appeared last and has very few believers. The saint responded to this argument of the ruler with the story of Cain. In other words, he told him that Cain's fratricide, although he is much older, has caused and continues to cause disgust in countless crowds of people and no pious person is jealous of her. The ruler was very angry with Antipas's response and then ordered him to be thrown into a burning bronze model of an ox, where his life ended, in the year 92 AD.

    His holy relic was buried in the Church of Pergamon and erupts with myrrh and healing forever, and his Synaxis was performed at the five-Apostle Mission of the Holy and glorious Apostle John the Theologian, near the Great Church.

    Church of Agios Antipas existed during the 9th century AD. in Istanbul and another text, also between the villages of Agios Stefanos and Rigios (Kyutsuk - Tsekmetze).

    It celebrates on April 11 of each year.

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