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Elegant Metal Oil Lamp with lid. Practical to use and covered for greater safety, it is ideal for everyday use in any home. Available with glass cup inside.


Available with the glass cup.

Dimensions: 18 x 10

Table Metal Lamps (Vigil Oil Lamp)

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  • Table Lamps

    Metal lamp made of zama (cast metal). It is perfect for the prayer book, even the living room of the house.

    It has a lid that detaches from the base of the oil lamp. You can use it either with the lid or without it. The lid gives greater security as you can leave the lamp lit with the lid on while you are away from home.

    The supports at the bottom of its base make it more practical. The warm base of the oil lamp, when it is lit, does not come into contact with the surface on which it is placed.

    What does the lighting of the oil lamp symbolize?

    According to Orthodox tradition, we have lit a candle in our house as a sign of respect and honor to God, the Virgin Mary and the Saints. The lighting of the oil lamp is a custom with strong Christian symbolism, as this light is likened to the Light of Christ, which illuminates every person, while reminding us that we should be, Christians, the lights of the world.

    The oil lamp reminds us that our lives should be bright like the saints, illuminates our space and drives away evil, while it is a token of offering and gratitude, with which we thank God for life, for salvation and for all that his infinite love gives us. Moreover, the oil used in the oil lamp, which must be good quality olive oil, symbolizes God’s infinite mercy, while the candle itself is the Church.

    Available with the glass cup.

    Dimensions: 18 x 10

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