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Dru i varur në mur, ikonë shumë e hollësishme dhe e gjallë e stilit bizantin. Imazhi i ikonës është stil bizantin i shtypur me cilësi të lartë (letër me shkëlqim). Ikona është bërë me ngjyra të vërteta ikonografie dhe është një kopje e një ikonë bizantine.

9x6.5cm / 3.5x2.5in - trashësi 10 mm (MDF)
20x15cm / 7.9x6in - trashësi 18 mm (Novopan)
20x27cm / 7.9x10.6in - trashësi 18 mm (Novopan)
28x38 cm / 11x15 në - trashësi 18 mm (Novopan)

Shtresa e ikonave:
Riprodhimi i shtypur me cilësi të lartë.

Nëse keni ndonjë pyetje, ju lutem mos ngurroni të na kontaktoni.

Shën Agustini

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  • Saint Augustine (also called Aurelius) was born in Tagasti of Numidia in Africa, in the year 354 AD. from a fiery Christian mother, Monica (honored on May 4 ) and a pagan father, Patrick. He completed his circular studies in his homeland and then his father sent him to Madura and for higher studies in Carthage.

    As a young student he lived a life of freedom, from which he had an illegitimate child. In Africa, he became a follower of Manichaeism, but when he later arrived in Milan, his mother's fervent overnight prayers, his diligent study of the Scriptures, and the fiery sermons of Bishop Ambrose of Milan led to his conversion to Christianity. He was baptized a Christian together with his 15-year-old son Adeodatis.

    Later he returned to Africa where he taught and warmly spread Christianity and after his mother slept he went to Rome.

    When in 391 AD. visited some of his friends in Ippona (on the shores of Numidia), the bishop of the city, appreciating his rich gifts, his passion for teaching and his deepest theological knowledge, ordained him an elder and later an auxiliary bishop. After the fall of Valerius, he was succeeded to the throne of the Diocese by Ipponos in 396 AD.

    He shepherded his flock with prudence and discretion for 34 whole years and slept peacefully at the age of 76, on August 28, 430 AD.

    Sequence of the Saint was written by Iakovos from Mount Athos, published in Smyrna in 1861 AD. and the archimandrite Ioannis Daniilidis, published in Athens in 1914 AD.

    It celebrates on June 15 of each year.

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